Tell me more about you...

Before we get started, I would love to get to know a bit more about you.

Why do you want to work with me?

Are you living with passion? Do you know your purpose? Do you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? What are your current challenges and obstacles? What is your big vision?Are you at the point where you are about to give it all up? Are you a new entrepreneur or startup company needing guidance? What other areas of your life are you needing extra support?

Do you just need to talk to someone who gets it?

While we will take time to dig deeper during our sessions, please provide a brief overview before our first discovery call.


you + me = flow session

• 90 minute coaching session
• phone or online video
• $197

This session is all about the big picture view.  You have permission to speak from the heart. You have my full undivided attention and I won’t hold back with sharing. I hold a sacred, no-judgement, and confidential space to assist with connecting all the dots, identify blind spots, provide resources and tools, and spark the fire so you can fall in love with your business and your life -and finally move forward! Together, let’s open up the channels to create more ease and flow. It’s all about YOU.


we + Talk + tribe = big vision sessions

• 2 video call sessions 1st and 2nd month
• 1 in person experience 3rd month
• 2 video call sessions 4th month

This 4 month coaching program will allow you to fast track through the startup phase of your business and ease your frustrations and blocks that are getting in the way of your big vision. Work with me to save yourself time, energy, and money. You will have me on retainer to hold your big vision and stay on track. Most importantly, you will have a trusted friend to guide you through the hurdles that arise on this bumpy adventure.

Your individual life coaching program will be tailored to your personal needs. I bring a wealth of knowledge, wise council, encouragement, and life experience to guide you towards living with more passion and purpose. Book a full flow session and that payment will go towards the 5 month program

*renewal of another month session within two months of completion is available at a discounted rate


 Special offers:  


mentorship and mastermind program

• 2 hour session per month x 4 months - individual or group
• participation by application

I feel passionate about cultivating future millennial and Gen Z leaders. I walk the talk and demonstrate real life entrepreneurship through my business and lifestyle. A four month semester of working with me or a highly curated group will give you a deep dive into personal development and experience the lifestyle of an entrepreneur. No matter where you are at in your journey, join this powerful sisterhood, create deeper connection, and feel fully supported.  

*please send applications for new start date April 2019 


Discover Your Sacred Gifts Program and Integration: 4 week program, including a group mastermind. We will meet online weekly for 90 minutes - Select Level 1 (individually) or Level 2 (individual or group sessions.) Sessions are held every month. Apply now!

Branding Session and Logo Design: Work with my designer in a brand building session to explore ideas and align them with your goals. Together, we will create a unique logo and beautiful marketing and promo materials.

Head shots and Lifestyle Photography: Arrange a photoshoot with my photographer to update your head shots and include IG-worthy images to showcase you and your business.

Referrals: Be matched with trusted companies and people I have personally worked with. Save yourself time, energy, and money. Many are heart based individuals and companies you will fall in love with!